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Maxi Mass


Maxi Mass offers a duo of proteins and carbohydrates providing the energy necessary for strength and muscle development (in combination with regular training). This product provides you with a high caloric intake (380 calories**) necessary for building a more massive and more powerful physique. Unbeatable in taste, rich and creamy, this product is for people who want to increase their muscle mass or who have difficulty gaining weight. To get the most out of your training, Maxi Mass is the product for you.

FAT (g)**

Pro Circuit Performance offers a wide variety of products beloved by amateur and high-level athletes. Our products are also adapted for every active person looking for well-being.

Sold mostly in drugstores, this product line meets the industry’s highest quality standards.



Free delivery with purchase of +$69*
* Before taxes. Weight surcharge charges applicable for beverages and items 16lb and over (heavyweight) and cannot benefit from free delivery. Not applicable: Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. Items of 25lb and over are produced on request and have additional delivery delays.
* The formats of 16lb and more have an additional delivery cost (heavyweight) and cannot benefit from free delivery.
Suggested use

Add one serving* of Maxi Mass (100g) to 500-750ml of your favorite cold drink. Mix well. Take once or twice a day. Can be eaten after training or between meals as a snack.

As an environmental choice, this jar does not contain a plastic scoop.

*1 serving = 2/3 cup ou 10 tablespoons

Ingredients + Warnings

VANILLA: Sugars (maltodextrin, fructose), Whey protein concentrate, Natural flavor. CONTAINS: Milk. MAY CONTAIN: Eggs, Soy.

CHOCOLATE: Sugars (maltodextrin, fructose), Whey protein concentrate, Cocoa. CONTAINS: Milk. MAY CONTAIN: Eggs, Soy.

CAUTION: Very caloric, therefore not recommended to consume at the end of the evening.

Do not use if the seal is damaged or missing. Keep in a cool dry place out of the reach of children. Sold by weight.

** Nutrition Facts of Chocolate Maxi Mass.

Maxi Mass

PROTEIN RECOVERY Protein intake after exercise unparalleled stimulates muscle regeneration and recovery. When taken immediately after training, this results in greater bioavailability (direct absorption by the muscle). A protein / carbohydrate mix also promotes better recovery.

WEIGHT GAIN FORMULA Opt for a high-carbohydrate product, with a low protein and low fat content. It is recommended to increase your energy intake by 20 to 30% in the context of weight gain research or in case of very high energy needs.